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Ophelia, 2017
Color Chromogenic Print

SEPTEMBER PRINT SALE to support hurricane and flood victims with all proceeds donated to emergency disaster relief. Free shipping within USA

If you've been following my journey the past few years you know how integral that water is to both my art and life. Right now many parts of the world are suffering from too much of it. The recent flooding in Texas has dominated the news, but the same has been happening in Bangladesh, India, Nepal, & Nigeria to even more devastating effect. 1,200 people have died in South Asia alone from the monsoon rains, not to mention the millions displaced. And now Hurricane Irma is making its move through the Caribbean & Florida.

ALL the proceeds above the cost to print and ship will be split between two organizations: the Greater Houston Community Foundation Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund and the World Food Program USA (with whom I visited Bangladesh a few year back.) In addition to immediate food & water supplies, WFP USA gives cash payments directly to disaster victims so they can buy food and water from within the country rather than importing it and depressing the local economy and have been instrumental in providing emergency support recently in South Asia and in the Caribbean.

My printing and framing partner Simply Framed is generously donating 10% of their production costs towards the cause as well. 

Free shipping within the USA. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

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