Flood Benefit Print Sale


Print Sale to benefit Flood Victims

The recent flooding in Texas is dominating the news, but the same has been happening in Bangladesh, India, Nepal, & Nigeria to even more devastating effect. 1,200 people have died in South Asia alone from the monsoon rains, not to mention the millions displaced.

It’s easy to focus solely on disasters where we might have social connections - I myself went to university in Texas and have dear friends who live in Houston. Exactly 2 years ago this week I was in Bangladesh experiencing a curious, vibrant people who live precariously in a country susceptible to extreme flooding. Their lives and livelihoods matter no less than the ones affected closer to home. 

ALL the proceeds above the cost to print and ship will be split between two organizations: the Greater Houston Community Foundation Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund and the World Food Programme (with whom I visited Bangladesh.) In addition to immediate food & water supplies, WFP gives cash payments directly to disaster victims so they can buy food and water from within the country rather than importing it and depressing the local economy.


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